Composite Decking

One Year Limited Warranty

Deep Water Designs LLC warrants its products to be free of defects in parts and workmanship for a period of one year from the date of purchase by its original owner. If this product is found defective, Deep Water Designs LLC will repair or replace the defective parts at no charge, excluding shipping cost, subject to the follow conditions.

Owner must include verification of the date of purchase when requesting Limited Warranty Service.

This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights which vary from state to state.


"I love my new deck! I love it almost as much as I love telling friends that I built it myself! It looks impressive and people are surprised that an elementary school teacher could build it and live to tell the tale. Mike's design makes it so easy and he gives great instruction: prep the ground, lay out the first few panels, connect them, lay out a few more panels, connect those and continue until your deck is done. Seriously, it's that simple. The trickiest part was leveling the ground - the deck itself was a piece of cake. It went together so quickly and easily that it was actually fun to build. Mike gave me all the pieces and all of the hardware I needed. When I had questions, he answered quickly and even offered to send out crews to help. When a piece didn't fit a goofy spot we had to work around, he came, got the piece, fixed it and returned it to me. Amazing.

I've seen crews of strong dudes spend days, even weeks, assembling decks. There is no way I could build one of those decks, but this I could do. I had a teenager help me move the pieces into place and my husband came home from work and helped ratchet them together. Because we built it ourselves, I was able to get a bigger deck than had we paid someone to do the labor. I'm so glad I did. The deck is gorgeous and it's added an entirely new living space to my home. It's my new happy place!"

- Amy Sweet