Deck In A Day by Deep Water Designs, LLC

Composite Decking

About the Product

Deck In A Day is a prefabricated composite deck panel which is 46" square that can be bolted together into square, rectangular or L-shape decks. Its design allows the customer to build his or her own custom deck without hiring a contractor. The homeowner and a friend can assemble it in a day with minimum tools and skill levels. The idea is to allow the customer to build their own composite deck for the price of a custom built wood deck by a contractor, giving the customer a low maintenance deck with no yearly staining or sealing.

The deck is built on 2x6 framing on 15 inch centers fasten together with 3 ½ inch triple coated deck screws. When bolted together creates a 4x6 inch joist beam where each panel meets. The two joist are fastened together by 2 – ½ inch x 5 inch hot dipped galvanized bolts at each panel marriage. The decking material is Geo Deck from Green Bay Decking which is a very green product with no wood or wood fillers. The deck boards are fastened to each joist with eight two and half inch finish head screws which are almost invisible. The product is offered in six different color options giving the customer versatility to match their home or decking situation.

Each panel is wrapped in fascia constructed in the same composite material and also offered in the same 6 color options. The fascia creates a border which defines each panel and covers the treated wood frame. The fascia is also attached with 8 – 2 ½ inch finish head screws.  

Deck In A Day is designed to be installed at ground level, but not touching the ground itself. It should be installed on level gravel, ground contact treated beams or cement leveling blocks. Where height issues occur, the customer can purchase custom prefabricated steps or custom landing options to accent the deck and accommodate proper entering and exiting from a dwelling or RV. These panels are not attached to the dwelling and in most cases would not require permits to build.

Deck In A Day is ideal for backyard sitting areas, next to ponds and RV parks. The design allows the customer to move the deck if they move their location. It gives the customer versatility to have a custom deck anywhere without being a permanent structure, allowing your deck to move with you. These panels are also a great option for remodelers or property renovators.  

Deck In A Day is delivered on a pallet as preassembled panels with all the hardware to assemble the deck. Every panel is predrilled and there is nothing to cut. Every panel is numbered or lettered so that they bolt together in sequence to the custom order of the customer. Each is custom built in the USA by deck building craftsmen with American materials to produce a high quality product for great value.

15  Reasons for Deck In A Day

  1. Versatility; can be constructed in many different geological graphics and ground situations  
  2. Ease of construction; you and a friend with little construction experience can build in a day
  3. Little amount of tools required (drill, level, socket or wrench, pry bar and hammer)  
  4. No holes to dig or concreate to mix (Less labor intensive)
  5. No trips to the big box store; everything delivered to your property
  6. No staining or sealing like conventional wood decks or concrete
  7. Six color combinations to choose from; can mix fascia and deck colors to personalize your design
  8. Decking is a very green product; no wood or wood fillers and very water resistant
  9. No building permits required in most areas
  10. Great for RV parks; if you move, your deck can be disassembled and move with you
  11. Can be built over under ground utilities; no danger of digging accidents (unlike concrete)
  12. Can be designed in square, rectangle, L-shape or T-shape designs
  13. Custom panels can be added to accommodate height issues for entering and exiting dwellings
  14. Cost competitive to treated wood decks; composite deck equal to or less than a wood deck built by a contractor
  15. Great for property renovators to add value to a property with minimal time and construction cost